105 Night

Look forward to this event returning next year.

Sunday November 5, 2017 6:30-8:30pm

$10 per player (to be redistributed as prize money)

Sign up individually—we build equal levels of teams from each skill division—juniors can be used to fill the skill divisions if we fall short.

TTC pros will create teams with random draw from each skill division.

1st: 40% of pool
2nd: 30% of pool
3rd: 20% of pool
4th: 10% of pool

Round robin format guarantees the same number of matches for everyone.
TTC Pros will organize, referee, keep track of scores, and keep you moving

105 rules include:

  • 5 points for a groundstroke winner
  • 10 points for a volley winner
  • 20 points for an overhead winner
  • 1 point for all other shots
  • Pro’s feed MUST bounce
  • First team to 105 points wins

Each team will play an equal number of rounds.

If a tie exists in flight play, it will be broken by:

  1. Head to Head matchup
  2. Point Differential: total points won to total points lost

Team rotation: You miss, you rotate out. You win 2 points in a row, you rotate out.

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