Junior Classes

TTC junior classes


Timberhill has long been proud to host one of the finest junior programs in the Pacific Northwest. Our experienced and caring teaching staff will help your child develop the technical and mental skills to navigate all levels of competition, from learning to keep score and implementing scorekeeping and strategy through tournament play.

We have groups that cater to all ages and skill levels, and many are open to non-members of our club. We have optional outside-of-class play components to all of our classes, where kids can demonstrate and practice the skills they are learning. 10 & Under Tennis is used in our beginning groups to facilitate quicker learning and enjoyment of the game.  Find your group, and come join the fun!

Junior Development Program

Junior Development Program Class Progression

Class Descriptions

Mighty Mites

Mighty Mights

These classes utilizes 10 & Under Tennis equipment on a 36’ court to introduce fundamental technique and combines hand-eye coordination exercises with rally games and court movement. The goal is to have fun and develop rally skills so kids can really “play” tennis, not just hit balls. We do drills, hand-eye coordination exercises, and games to generate tennis skills. This class is offered to 5-8 year olds, and a special separate class is held for 4-5 year olds.

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Future Stars

TTC Future Stars

Kids age 9 and older, who are beginners or have had some previous instruction will learn better fundamentals, scoring, and become more consistent through drills and games. These players learn skills and play games on a 60’ court with orange low-compression tennis balls (the official equipment for 10 & Under tennis in tournament play). The balls travel slightly slower, and bounce lower, than a standard yellow ball. This allows for development of proper technique and strategy, rather than having every ball bounce over your child’s head.

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Junior Champs

Junior Champs Timberhill Tennis

Juniors who are developing consistency, power, and competitive instincts will get more playing experience, more advanced drills, and introductions to spins and strategy in this class. This class transitions players to a full court and yellow balls. Emphasis is on development of advanced grips and court movement techniques, as well as spin and power development. Ideal for more advanced 10-12 year olds or beginning 13-14 year olds.

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Tournament Prep

Intermediate to advanced middle school players will participate in this class, geared toward enhancing the skills needed to play at the varsity high school level. Focus will be on placement, spins, serving and strategy. Footwork will be emphasized, and out-of-class match play will be encouraged. The drills speed up, as does the pace of shots.

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Tennis 101

JV players and high school players who have little experience and are just starting to learn the game will find what they need in this group–learning skills and building confidence among their peers. The goal will be to try to get all of these players qualified to play JV tennis for the high school teams. Don’t have equipment? No problem—we’ll let you try a racquet that suits you so you’ll know what to buy.

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High School Varsity/JV

High school players with previous starting experience in singles or doubles will gain strength in all strokes through drills, games, and competition.  Focus is on strategy and competitive skills, including conditioning and mental toughness.  Approved JV players are welcome to attend, too!

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Valley Tennis Academy

This is our High Performance track for players actively pursuing high levels of tournament play and college tennis. Spaces will be limited, and admission to the class is subject to staff approval. TTC membership, mandatory weekly out-of-class practice and match play, and an active tournament schedule is required for consideration for these classes. A strong work ethic and skill development demonstrated through the Junior Champs, Tournament Prep, and High School classes should set these players apart. Contact Colby for details.

Orange Ball Academy

Designed for young players at the orange ball level who have shown advanced technical proficiency in the Future Stars classes and are motivated to compete.  This class focuses on foundational technical development with an introduction to tournament play.
Contact Colby for details.

Green Dot Academy

Designed for young players at the green-dot level who posses advanced ball striking and movement skills. This class focuses on foundational technical development with an introduction to tournament play.   Contact Colby for details.

Yellow Ball Academy (Intermediate)

Players within this group posses a solid foundation of technical and physical skills but are still working to make them better each day. Having already played many tournaments, players also focus on mental and strategic skills necessary to compete at higher tournament levels.     Contact Colby for details.

Yellow Ball Academy (Elite)  aka College Preparatory Training (CPT)

The highest competitive level at TTC. Players in the group are very comfortable with tournament play and compete at the highest competitive levels. Players in this group have set high goals for themselves that often include playing after high school. There is less focus on technique, and more focus on point development with a high degree of mental fortitude.   This class will require commitment on the part of the player and parent, and outstanding tournament or high school results are a must for participation. The If the above requirements are met, the other Academy classes feed into this class, and CPT participation is subject to approval from the TTC teaching staff. This is a high value program, incorporating written assignments, serious conditioning, and match play. Contact Colby for details.

Parks & Rec Classes

Timberhill Tennis Club is proud to partner with Corvallis Parks & Recreation to provide high quality instructors for the summer junior tennis programs held at Cloverland Park.  For more information about these classes, go to the summer activity guide at the Corvallis Parks & Recreation website.

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