Men’s Weekly League

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We run four seasonal leagues per year. These leagues are doubles-only, and allow you to play with a different foursome each week for the duration of the league

You must sign up ahead of time as a regular or a sub, so be sure to contact us early. There is a small one-time fee for all regular players. We’ll start the league in random order. Each week you’ll play three sets of doubles—partnering with a different player on your court for each one—and record your score. Each set is a “race to 6″—no tiebreaker, so the final score can be 6-5. Each court may choose whether they want to play ad or no-ad. The highest two scores on your court that week move up a court for the following week, and the lowest two scores move down. The player who wins the most total games by the end of the league is the big winner!

Each Thursday, check the door of the pro shop in the lobby for the week’s order of play. We’ll have a staff member on hand to answer any questions. The first four names on the list will play on court 1, the second four will play on court 2, and so on. I will have a scoresheet on the door to my office; fill in the total number of games you (or the person you’re subbing for) won that night when you are finished. Maximum games per night is 18, 14 if you are a sub. The player with the highest total number of games won at the end of the league period will be crowned the winner.

League players are always responsible for finding their own subs. An absent player will leave their three court-mates in a tough spot for the night. If you know you are going to be gone on a given week, work out the sub well in advance, and remind them prior to that night. All of the subs on the list should be in the directory, and everyone on the list has email. If you exhaust the list and cannot find anybody, let the staff know a full day in advance and we can help to try arrange a sub for you.

Men's League 2021

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Tyler Pantle
Andrew Mandovi
John Myers
Eric Leong
John Watson
Jeff Bures
Arthur Dee
Mike McDougal
Chad Morse
Erik Power
Chris Wood
Kaichang Li
Otis Kimzey
Mark Aron

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