Junior Match Ranking


The “Competitive Match Rankings” system is designed for players looking to enhance their match-play preparation. It places a large focus on playing a large quantity of matches, with a smaller focus on the result of the match. Through the rankings created, we decide upon who is eligible for our high performance programs at the club.

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  • Each player may challenge another player ranked up to three spots ahead of them once/week.
  • They must write down the challenge match on the “Challenge Match Listings” sheet (located on court 6) by Tuesday of that week.
  • If challenged by someone else, they must complete the match by Sunday at 12pm of that week.
  • Each match played will earn the player 10 points, and winning the match earns an additional 7 points.
  • Only two matches in total will count towards points each week.
  • If the player is not challenged by someone else, they may choose from the following activities to earn 10 points:
  • Organize a different match on their own, with the possibility of earning an additional 7 points with a win.

Perform another hitting activity (off-court conditioning will not qualify)

  • Ball machine
  • Serving
  • Hitting partner
  • Feeding partner

Once a match, or substitution activity is completed, the player must fill out the result on the “Challenge Match Listings” sheet on court 6.

Rankings & point totals will be updated on Monday each week.

*Top 4 are eligible for “Timberhill Elite Class”

  • Challenge-play & ranking guidelines:
  • You may challenge any three players higher than you.
  • The challenge will consist of one 8 game Pro Set with ad scoring.
  • If a lower ranked player defeats a higher ranked player, the lower ranked player will take that ranking position and bump all players down one ranking position.
  • The last day of each session is when class eligibility is decided upon for the next session.

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