Master Plan

Timberhill Tennis Club strives to offer its membership the best facilities and programming possible in an inclusive environment. From its beginning in April 1973, that vision has evolved from a 3 indoor, 3 outdoor court facility with one pro to a 6 indoor, 2 outdoor court facility with a Director, 4 additional pros, and a support staff. The vision continues to evolve. In 2012 we completed a member-based refinance of the club’s debt, which has allowed us to finish a capital improvement project that has insulated our roofs and made them completely water-tight.  In the short term, we hope to complete the insulation of the walls of both indoor court buildings to prepare them for the possible addition of heating elements, which would keep the indoor temperatures warmer during the coldest winter months.

With the completion of the member financing, we have put the club on firm ground related to long-term debt costs. This has helped us to be able to plan for the future.  Down the road, as our loan is lowered by repayments, we should be in a position to ask our member investors (and our whole membership) if they would like to extend or renew existing loans, or enter into new loans. This phase of financing could rebuild our clubhouse and position the club’s physical plant for years to come. The long-term vision includes the possibilities of demolishing and replacing the existing clubhouse, offices, and locker rooms with a structure that connects the two indoor court buildings. We envision a shared clubhouse, allowing viewing to both sets of courts from the interior of the clubhouse. Entry to the clubhouse could be from street level with office space, a pro shop, and enlarged locker rooms on the main level. The second level would be more open, with space for gatherings and social events, court viewing, an exercise studio/meeting room, and enlarged storage areas.

The club’s available land only allows us room to add one more court to what we currently offer. The space between indoor court 6 and outdoor court 7 could house another court, either added as a third outdoor court or an additional indoor court. As the club grows and moves forward, it is very exciting to be able to entertain ideas about what will continue to make this the premier tennis club in the mid-Valley for generations to come. Let us know what you think!

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